Review: a night with Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

This morning I learned that Lena Dunham canceled the remaining part of the Not that kind of book tour due to sickness, right after the horrible accusation that she molested her sister 21 years ago. I agree with Lena: it’s an upsetting and disgusting thing to say, and I hope it will blow over soon. Hang in there Lena!

That being said, it’s time to move on to the fun part: a review of the night with Lena Dunham, hosted by the Dutch feminist magazine Opzij. They got columnist Simone van Saarloos and novelist Niña Weijers on board to do the Q&A, which lasted about an hour and was very entertaining. We were particularly impressed with Lena’s professionalism, answering each question with intelligence and whit. This girl knows what she’s doing!

Here are some of the quotes that stuck with us:

  • On being in charge: “The qualities you learn as a young women are not in conflict with being a woman in a authoritative position.” 
  • On being a celebrity: “It’s a job of celebrities to speak loudly about their believes, to be role models.”
  • On social media: “Sharing, writing, is connecting and making to world a smaller place.”
  • On the realistic sex scenes in Girls: ”When I started having sex I thought excuse me, this is not how I was told it was going to be!”
  • On anxiety: “Worrying does not prevent awful things from happening.”
  • On boyfriends: ”I didn’t want the end of the book to be: and then I got a boyfriend and then everything was okay.”
  • On (not) writing about happiness: “It’s easier to portray failure than success.”

PS. Can there please be a Girls proof afterparty and a decent cocktail bar next time? We missed us some glitter and glamour!